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Very Dark Drab. BS381c - 337. Matt Finish. 3 x 400ml Aerosols.

1. Matt - Vehicle Paint.


Product Benefits:

Authentic military colour.

Dries to a tough, durable, matt finish that does not finger mark.

Good coverage, opacity and adhesion.

Easy spray application that dries to a professional finish.

Fast drying, touch dry in 2 hours.

Self priming onto previously painted surfaces, bare steel, timber and similar.

Good anti-corrosive properties.

Free Delivery to ANY UK Post Code.

What you are buying:

Military Vehicle Paint (M.V.) is a high quality matt finish for Military Vehicles, working vehicles and similar items.

Formulated with reinforced resins this product has an excellent track record and is ideal for all refurbishment and restoration work on Military Vehicles, working vehicles and related items.

This paint is Self Priming onto previously painted surfaces, bare steel, timber and similar, however if you are painting bare galvanised steel, aluminium or plastic you will need to prime first with either an Etch Primer or a Plastic Primer, please visit our Primer Department to view the sizes available.

M.V. Paint is an easy to use product and is suitable for brush, roller or spray application onto: metal, timber, cladding, barge boards etc and dries to an authentic matt finish that does not finger mark.

How to use:

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) If necessary prime bare aluminium and galvanized steel with suitable primer, if you are unsure please ask.

3) Lightly rub down glossy surfaces to provide a key.

4) Shake can for 2 minutes prior to use to ensure uniformity.

5) Apply with an even motion.

6) Nozzle tip can be rotated for both horizontal and vertical spray applications. 

 Size & Coverage: 400ml aerosol, which will cover 10 to 12 square feet.

Size: 3 x A`sols  

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