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Acid Etch Primer – Grey For Galvanised Steel, Zinc Coated Steel & Aluminium. 3 x 400ml Aerosol



Product Benefits:

Outstanding  adhesion to difficult surfaces.

Suitable for galvanised steel, aluminium, zinc coated steels & mild steel etc.

Ideal as a weld through primer.

Very good rust prevention.

Quick & easy to use.

Fast drying (dry in 30 minutes)

Overcoat with ANY paints inc` Hammer Finish, Synthetics, Automotive & Cellulose paints etc.

Tough, durable and very hard wearing.


What you are buying:

This Acid Etch Primer is a first class, high build, quick air drying primer with an excellent track record.

Specifically formulated as primer for difficult surfaces such as galvanised steel, aluminium, zinc coated steels etc.

This product has excellent adhesion and anti-corrosive properties.

This product has excellent opacity and is ideal for all restoration work.

Ideal as a weld through primer.

Recommended for use on: fabrications, fencing, wrought iron, steelwork, machinery, castings, components, forging’s, containers, agricultural plant and equipment, bridges, industrial plant and equipment etc.

Can be over-coated with all paints including Hammer / Smooth Finish and Cellulose Paints etc.


How to use:


1. Surfaces should be de-greased, clean and dry.

2. Shake aerosol for 2 minutes to use to ensure uniformity.

3. Apply with an even motion, tip can be rotated to allow vertical and horizontal spraying.

4.  400ml aerosol covers 10 to 12 square feet.



Size: 3 x Aerosols  

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