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Zinc Rich Cold Galvanising Priming Paint. 1 x 2.5 Litres.



Product Benefits:

Zinc Rich Primer, this product is also known as, "Cold galvanising".

Gives bare mild steel outstanding corrosions resistance.

Repairs worn out or damaged galvanised steel.

Repairs sawn edges, drilled holes & welded joints etc.

95% zinc solids gives excellent rust prevention.

Easy to use and it dries in around 40 minutes.

Dries to a tough, durable and very hard wearing finish.

This primer can be left as the finish coat which dries to a Metallic Grey Finish.

If required over-coat with ANY paint including Hammer Finish, Synthetics and Cellulose paints etc.


What you are buying:


Zinc Rich Galvanising Primer is a first class, high build, quick air drying galvanising primer.

Specifically formulated as primer for repairing galvanised steel or converting mild steel to a galvanised finish, this is known as, "Cold galvanising".

This product has excellent adhesion and out-standing anti-corrosive properties.

Recommended for restoration work on: Military vehicles, chassis, Landover’s, fabrications, fencing, wrought iron, steelwork, agricultural plant and equipment etc.


How to use:


1. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from loose debris.

2. Stir well prior to use to ensure uniformity.

3. Apply a full coat with a good quality brush or roller.

4. For spray application thin with 5 to 10% of our Universal Thinners.

5. 2.5 Litres will cover 25 to 30 square metres.


Size: 2.5 Litres  

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