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Radio Refurbishment Paint - Satin. Clansman Green. 1 x 400ml.

Clansman Radio Paints


Product Benefits:


Product benefits:

Authentic Clansman colour.

Tough, durable SATIN finish.

Good opacity and adhesion.

Brush, roller or spray application.

Fast drying, touch dry in 1 to 2 hours.

Good anti-corrosive properties.


Free Delivery to any UK Post Code.   (All others at cost, please email for a price)



What you are buying:


What you are buying:

This is a high quality SATIN finish for Clansman radios and ancillary equipment.

Formulated with reinforced resins this product has an excellent track record and is ideal for all refurbishment and restoration work on Clansman and related items.

Satin Enamel is an easy to use product and is suitable for spray application.


How to use:


How to use:

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) Lightly abrade any glossy surfaces to provide a good key.

3) Shake can for two minutes prior to use to ensure uniformity.

4) Apply with an even side to side motion.

5) Clean tools with white spirit.


Size: 1 x Aerosol  

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