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Military Vehicle Canvas Paint – Camouflage / Military Green. 1 x 2.5 Litres.

Canvas & Tilt Paint


Product Benefits:


Product benefits:
Excellent water proofing.
Authentic military finish.
Quick & easy to apply.
Contains water repelling wax.
Good resistance to mould & fungal attack.
Light fast and UV resistant pigments


What you are buying:


What you are buying: 
This Canvas Paint uses modern water borne resins to deliver a tough, flexible, water proof finish. 
This product contains liquid wax to repel water and fungicides to prevent fungal and mould growth.
Formulated with light fast pigments to provide an authentic, opaque, long lasting finish to exterior canvas, soft tops, awnings, etc.


How to use:

How to use:
1) Stir well prior to use. 
2) Surfaces should be clean free from loose or flaking debris.
3) Apply with a good quality brush.
4) If unsure test on a small unobtrusive area.


Size & coverage: 2.5 litres covers 20 to 25 square metres subject to porosity.

 Colour: Camouflage / Military Green.    

Size: 2.5 Litres  

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