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Battery Lead, Terminal & Post Cleaning Brushes.



Product Benefits:


Product benefits:

Steel bristles for cleaning battery terminals and posts.

A combination of two brushes for cleaning both battery posts and lead terminals.

Long life steel bristles.

Handy twist lock sleeve for storage.

Excellent durability.


Free delivery. To any UK post code. (Others at cost, please email for a price.)



What you are buying:


What you are buying:

This is a top quality battery terminal combination cleaning set.

Ideal for all batteries on Military Vehicles, Classic Cars, Custom Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Outboard Motors etc.



How to use:


How to use:

1) Twist the cap to reveal the two brushes.

2) Use the conical pointed brush for cleaning battery terminals.

3) Use the round hollow brush for cleaning battery posts.


4) Replace and twist cap back on for storage.

Size: Std  

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