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Roller Set 4 Inch.

Brushes, Rollers, Spray Guns & Sundries


Product Benefits:

Product benefits:

Robust construction. 
Super fine foam roller for good painting results. 

Ideal for use with our Military Vehicle Paints.

Spare sleeves are available via our site.


Handle will accept all types of extension pole i.e. push in, screw in etc. 
Suitable for water & solvent based paints. 
Suitable for interior & exterior use. 
Excellent quality.

Free delivery. To any UK post code. (Others at cost, please email for a price.)

What you are buying:


What you are buying:

This is a professional quality paint roller set contains:
1 x 4" Roller Frame
1 x 4" Foam Roller Sleeve
1 x 4" Paint Tray
This paint set is ideal for use with our Military Vehicle Paints.

The roller head is made from super fine foam to give a smooth and even finish.

The roller frame has a plastic handle that will also accept all types of extension pole or broom handle etc.

How to use:


How to use:

1) Stir paint prior to use to ensure uniformity.

2) Pour the stirred paint into the tray.

3) Load roller and remove excess paint on the ribbed part of the tray.

4) Apply with an even motion.

5) Do not over roll the paint as this will leave a thin and uneven film.

6) Clean in MV Thinner.



Size: 4 Inch  

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