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1 x 500ml Blue Inflatable Dinghy Paint. Boat, Rib, Fishing Raft.

Inflatable Dingy, Amphibious Boat & Rib Paint


Product Benefits:


Product benefits:

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces i.e. Rubber, Soft Plastic, Hard Plastic, Canvas, Plastic Coated Cladding, Steel, Timber and similar materials.

A rubberised waterproof exterior grade.

Outstanding flexibility.

Renovates old and tired inflatable’s.

Ideal for camouflaging fishing rafts.

Dries to a satin finish.

Quick & easy to use.

Touch dry in around 1 hour.

Tough, durable and very hard wearing.

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What you are buying:


What you are buying:

This is a first class rubberised paint that is ideal for use on all inflatable’s such as: dinghy’s, ribs, fishing rafts and similar.

This product is also suitable for use on hard plastics, metal and timber.

This product has excellent opacity and is ideal for all restoration and camouflaging work.

Seals and waterproofs leaking canvas, covers and tilts etc.

How to use:


How to use:

1. Ensure the surfaces is clean and dry.

2. Stir well prior to use to ensure uniformity.

3. Apply with a good quality brush, roller. Thin with 10% clean water for spray application.

4. Clean tools with water.


Size: 500 mls will cover approximately 30 to 40 square feet subject to the porosity and texture of the surface.

Size: 500mls  

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